• This was my first professional experience with Reiki and Erika was so welcoming and put me at ease immediately. The treatment room was so peaceful and comfortable and I felt relaxed as soon as I lay down. The Reiki therapy put me into an lucid dream-like state which was very calming, has positive cognitive benefits and I found myself drifting off to sleep more than once! My three sessions were really helpful in reducing the symptoms that I was experiencing and I would highly recommend Erika to anyone considering this therapy.

    Hannah G

  • I saw Erika for a 3 session sequence and found it very helpful. The Reiki Room was very calming, Covid secure and welcoming. Erika was extremely professional, caring, and you do not feel rushed because she allows enough time for her clients. I liked her hands on style of Reiki. I would definitely recommend, even if just for a relaxing experience!

    S, Witney

  • Erika is a warm, caring and thoughtful person. She made me feel very welcome when I went for my first Reiki treatment with her. My session lasted 70 minutes, and for the first 15 minutes I lay comfortably on the Reiki couch listening to the tranquil music that was playing softly, while Erika began lightly placing her hands on different parts of the head and body. In itself this was soothing, and then I fell into a deeply relaxed state similar to a light dream sleep though still with awareness of the treatment continuing. By the end of the session I felt very rested, my normal aches and pains had calmed, and my mind was peaceful. It was a wonderful experience and Erika's professional training and practice really showed. I would highly recommend Erika to anyone who is thinking of trying Reiki.

    IG, Oxon

  • I went to Erika with a plethora of medical problems. After attending several Reiki sessions at her beautifully equipped and relaxing home salon, I felt like a new woman! You are made to feel totally at ease and all medical declarations are totally confidential. The Reiki itself is lovely enabling you to drift off into a world of peace and tranquility. I would thoroughly recommend Reiki sessions with Erika as she is both professional, personable and the whole experience is extremely uplifting. It is well worth a visit, just for the experience and to see how much difference it can make to your overall health and wellbeing.

    Ally Goff

  • Erika’s Reiki treatments are a real treat. You receive the Reiki healing in a tranquil and cleansed space, Erika is a calming influence and is very professional in her approach. Her hands on healing is very effective, I have had transformational effects from each session. I would thoroughly recommend.

    Sara Coles

  • I've been having treatment for a few months now and can really say Reiki has helped my anxiety and in turn reduced my tinnitus. Erika is a wonderful therapist and Reiki is a fantastic alternative therapy. I would recommend The Reiki Room in Minster Lovell.


  • Perfect calm setting, I loved the process of the 3 treatments, wonderful experience on the day and long lasting - Erika is discreet and professional, I would not hesitate to recommend.

    SW, Witney

  • Having the set of three Reiki sessions was a really wonderful experience. Erika really puts you at ease and is supremely calm and wise. The treatments were all deeply relaxing. Having tried various alternative treatments for anxiety and depression, this is the method that really made the difference to me.


  • I had the three Reiki sessions with Erika and it was a really wonderful experience. The Reiki Room is a really calm and relaxed environment and Erika made me feel very comfortable at all stages of the treatment. After my sessions, aspects of my life changed significantly and I'm thrilled with and very grateful for the results. I'd really recommend treatment with Erika to anyone.

    SH - Witney 2018

  • I have just finished my 3 sessions with Erika , as a family we have had an awful year and the GP's advice was anti depressants, which was a road I personally didn't want to go down. Reiki was suggested so I thought I'd give it a try.
    Erika is just wonderful, each session was around 2 hours with an informal chat and note taking session before each one to discuss initial issues and then progress. Poor Erika, my list was like war and peace! ranging from physical issues after an op to issues wth grief and work related stress.
    It was explained that the treatment worked differently for everyone and some had instant results and some felt better gradually, the latter was true for me ,the treatment is relaxing and you feel initial euphoria from that but after a few days I took stock and realised that things were a lot better both in my body and my head this cotinued with each session and i am still feeling daily improvements in my 21 day period after the last session. Without sounding cliched it has worked wonders , i am calmer content and really feel balanced, pain has gone in abdomen too.
    Thoroughly recommended.

    PL - Oxon

  • I had a lot of Reiki with Erika during a very difficult pregnancy and can’t recommend her highly enough!
    Reiki helped me so much with a hyperemesis Gravadium... even after being hospitalised twice I couldn’t get relief. The only thing that helped was weekly Reiki.
    I also found later in pregnancy it helped bring my energy levels up and keep me really calm as my due date neared.
    Erika also used special Reiki ways to calm baby inside - He was probably the most chilled out baby and now toddler ever!
    Reiki has also helped me since with Migraines, hormone imbalance, Endometriosis and emotional trauma.
    Highly recommend!


  • I am currently undertaking reiki sessions with Erika. I have struggled with debilitating anxiety and depression over the years, accompanied by menopausal symptoms more recently. Currently I am doing the sessions alongside other treatment. I went into the sessions with an open mind because I did not really know what to expect at all. Erika is amazing, the environment in which she works is very relaxing and calming. I have found all the sessions really positive, they have helped me more than I thought possible. I would definitely recommend.

    Tracey C

  • I went for reiki for anxiety and generally feeling out of rhythm.  Erika put me at ease and I just feel more calm and able to cope. I am sleeping better and find that I have the tools now to overcome things that I would have found really hard before my sessions. I would highly recommend The Reiki Room, it has been so beneficial for me!

    Evie Lucas (aged 16)