Shinpiden is a Japanese word that means ‘mystery teachings’ otherwise known as Reiki III, the Master Teacher level. The course is suitable for you if you have completed Okuden or Reiki II, and wish to delve deeper into the spiritual aspects of the system of Reiki and therefore their own personal practice; as well as providing you with the knowledge and understanding of how to teach Reiki to others. One of the main focuses of the course is to reinforce your understanding of and connection to your true self, which in Reiki is referred to as a great bright light. This is achieved through the work you will do with the fourth symbol and mantra.

At this level, Shinpiden brings together all aspects of the system of Reiki helping you to feel confident and empowered to share this wonderful spiritual practise with others.

Prerequisites for the course: Reiki I and II completed in person and at least 12 months before starting the course. If you have completed Okuden (Reiki II) with another teacher, then there will be some meditation practises and pre-course reading for you to complete, prior to taking the course.

The course takes place over three days which can be arranged to suit. You will receive a comprehensive manual to support your practice as well as access to Reiki shares and Reiki practice events.

  • The cost of the course is £470 with a deposit of £200 payable at the time of booking.

Next course dates:

Dates coming soon for 2023

Shinpiden Course Outline:

  • A review of the first three symbols and mantras – their meanings and usage
  • The fourth (Master) symbol and mantra
  • Advanced meditation techniques
  • Advanced practitioner techniques
  • Learn to pass on attunements
  • Learn to give Reiju (spiritual blessing)
  • How to teach all three levels of Reiki with a review of theory and practice for each
  • Developing your own personal practice
  • Certification
  • Follow-up

After the course:

On completion of the course you will receive a comprehensive manual which includes theory, meditations and techniques. I will be available for ongoing support via phone, email and in-person. There will be Reiki shares and Reiki practice events to help support your continued personal development.