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Dogs are naturally more sensitive to energy, and as such, are open to receive the healing that Reiki offers, whether this is for a physical or emotional problem, or to aid recovery from surgery. Ideally, the treatment takes place in the dog’s home, to help them feel more relaxed. As with human treatments, the hands can be on or off the body, and the treatment is often guided by the dog themselves – they may move a part of their body towards the practitioner’s hands, or may walk away when they have had enough. The dog will always be in control of the treatment.

As with a human treatment, it is ideal to understand the nature of the problem, before treating, and if this conversation takes place with the dog in the room, then a relationship is already beginning to be developed between the dog and the practitioner. Because dogs cannot communicate through talking, it is ideal if they are given this time to become used to the practitioner, especially if hands are going to be placed on the body.

Reiki is a calm, intuitive holistic treatment that promotes self-healing. It is not an alternative to orthodox treatment from the vet, but is complementary. Reiki can help calm and relax the dog, which promotes healing and encourages improved wellbeing.

A treatment may take between 30-60 minutes, depending on the needs of the dog, and follow up treatments will be discussed at the end of the session.

It is recommended that any known health issues are diagnosed by a vet before the Reiki treatment takes place.

Whilst a dog is being treated, it may become clear that the owner would benefit from receiving treatments too. Dogs can sense stressful, worried energy, so will feel more relaxed if their owners are too.

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Reiki and my dogs

I have two dogs that I treat regularly with Reiki. My French bulldog has pancreatitis and food intolerances. When he has a flare up, he will vomit frequently and often has blood in his stools. After a 30 minute Reiki treatment every day, the vomiting stops and there is less or no blood in his stools. Both of my dogs are drawn to me and push each other out the way, so they can sit with me to receive Reiki. Dogs love Reiki!

Being touched is as soothing for animals as it is for humans, it can bring comfort and aid relaxation.

A 30-60 minute treatment costs £35.

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